About Us

We are graduates of the College of Information Technology at the University of Bahrain, and we have been providing online lessons and revisions since 2018. It was a new idea whose goal was to help students and improve their academic achievement throughout the semester at nominal prices, In-person revisions are now available for both the midterm and final exams for some courses.

Courses We Teach

Computer Science: ITCS113, ITCS114, ITCS214, ITCS254
Computer Engineering: ITCE112
Mathematics, MATHS101, MATHS102
Physics: PHYCS101, PHYCS102
Chemistry: CHEMY101

Study Methods:
The study method at is based on the use of an interactive whiteboard, which provides students with a learning experience similar to attending a lecture. Students can watch the explanation step-by-step, and interact with the instructor either by voice or by writing. The instructor can also display his or her computer screen to all students, allowing them to follow the explanation better.

Interactivity: The interactive whiteboard allows students to interact with the instructor and participate in discussions directly, which helps them to understand the lessons better.

Participation: Students can share their thoughts and comments with the instructor and other students, which creates an active and interactive learning environment.

Clarity: The interactive whiteboard allows the instructor to present lessons in a clear and understandable way, which helps students to follow the explanation better.

Overall, the study method at OL Academy is an effective way to help students learn and understand better. It provides an interactive and engaging learning experience, which helps students to achieve success in their studies.

The instructor can use the interactive whiteboard to display graphs, images, and illustrations, which helps students to understand abstract concepts better.

The instructor can use the interactive whiteboard to create educational activities and games, which helps students to learn in a fun and interactive way.

The instructor can use the interactive whiteboard to share thoughts and comments with students, which helps to promote discussion and learning.

OL Academy strives to provide students with a distinguished learning experience, and the study method using the interactive whiteboard is an essential part of this experience.

Anyone who wants to join us to teach any subject can apply through the application page.